Brighton vs Forest: the result

Stanza Bonanza Feb 13

It was hot stuff last night in the basement of the Poetry Cafe. I was just about ready to pass out in the second half and resorted to fanning myself with the folded remains of my poems.

But quite apart from the heat (maybe it was only me suffering? must be age), a good night was had by all. A good variety of readers and material, some wonderful poems, several laughs and plenty of lovely people come to listen – thank you. And most of all three cheers for Jo for introducing us Brighton lot and coralling us all. Hip hip … For me personally, it felt significant – my first reading in London.

In the photo (not sure we were all ready at that moment but I like the quirkiness of it):

Back: John Taylor, Antony Mair, Cliff Bevan, Andy Williams and John Walsh
Middle: Ruth Wiggins, Jennifer Hall, Hassan Vawda, Sonia Jarema
Front: Dave Brooks, Mike Sims, Jo Grigg and moi

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