Opportunity to have a hand-stitched pamphlet of your poems

I promised Maria Isakova-Bennett I would mention this to you – Maria is the creator of the beautiful Coast to Coast to Coast magazine I’ve featured here recently. Well, she and co-editor Michael Brown are offering a great opportunity to one lucky poet – the chance to have their small collection published as a handmade, […]

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The sea, itself!

Currently influenced by…Whitman, the sea & being unproductive

This is the first of a new series of posts inspired by Anthony Wilson’s fascinating ‘notebook’ posts, in which he shares phrases, thoughts, links to things that have struck him as interesting, that have got him thinking and/or writing.  Anthony’s posts are full of brief, throw-em out there lines and ideas, thinking points that jab […]

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NPC winners 2017

Poetry competitions now open – to enter, or not?

I’ve noticed there are a number of poetry competitions about to close – January seems to be a competition battleground. I’ve talked about the issue of poetry competitions before – and there are some fascinating comments here from both experienced compers and others who absolutely hate the whole poetry competition scene. So who (if anyone) wins […]

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Box of poetry pamphlets

The new pamphlet is here | launch details

Exciting times. My third pamphlet (counting ‘Foot Wear‘ as one) All the Relevant Gods is here. A box of copies arrived last week, so now I have to go about emptying it! There are reviews to solicit, copies to send out, readings to secure – I already have readings confirmed for Needlewriters Lewes in April, plus Reading […]

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Coast to Coast to Coast issue 2 number 55

Giveaway winner PLUS 2 tickets for the TS Eliots at bargain price

It seems to be the thing at the moment when it comes to ‘picking a name out of the hat’ to make a wee film of it. I can see this is a nice idea (both to allay any suspicions of fixing, and also to present a friendly face), so I did consider it. But […]

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End of year thoughts, links & thank yous

This is my wrap-up post for 2017 – I’ve enjoyed other people’s posts but have been increasingly wondering whether I’ve anything  else to add or anything different to say. But that of course is one of the downsides of blogging/social media and the like – the angst of wondering if is one actually saying anything […]

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Liverpool Albert Dock

Launch of ‘Coast to Coast to Coast’ issue 2

I’m back from an (almost) flying trip to Liverpool, a city about 300 miles north of where I live, for a five minute poetry reading – crazy or what? Except I wasn’t the only ‘poetry tourist’ there, and no wonder, as we were there for the launch of no ordinary magazine. Edited by Maria Isakova […]

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not another Dickensian Xmas

Poems for a Christmas concert

I was recently asked to select some readings to go in between the movements of a choral piece. The piece is Bob Chilcott’s On Christmas Night. In it, Chilcott sets a number of carols in a sequence, telling the Christmas story from the fall of Adam and Eve (yes, it hadn’t occurred to me that […]

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view from window

Updated – UK poetry mags submissions info

Things move quickly in the magazine world so I thought I would update my spreadsheet quarterly. This is the list of UK poetry magazines with live links to the submissions pages, details of submissions windows and general guidelines as published on their websites. As ever, I can’t claim it’s fully comprehensive, so feel free to […]

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