A Guide to Getting Published in UK Poetry Magazines


NEW! 2nd edition, November 2020 (Telltale Press, 36 pages A5)

Instructions, know-how and insider tips to get your poems published in UK poetry magazines, including:

  • Many magazine profiles with details of format, frequency, who’s who, recent contributors
  • Tips and advice from top magazine editors
  • How to avoid the common mistakes
  • Record keeping and sample spreadsheet
  • Dealing with rejections (and acceptances!)
  • Many useful resources


“It’s a wonderful thing. I really wished I’d had something like it to refer to when I first started submitting work. Brava.” – Brett Evans, Editor, Prole

“The booklet arrived today – thank you – and is an absolute godsend. I’ve been trying to unravel the world of poetry magazines for ages now, without a great deal of success. What you’ve produced fills a much-needed gap in the ‘poetry ecosystem’ (as Jo Bell calls it) and – importantly takes away a lot of the mystery surrounding magazines.” – Ruth Kelsey

@RobinHoughton knows what she’s talking about – this will be a valuable resource – Fiona Larkin via Twitter @fionalarkin



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