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Poetry Magazines Submissions Spreadsheet

Poets! Take the hard work out of submitting to poetry magazines

What poetry magazines are there? What are their web addresses? How many poems can I send? Are they open for submissions now?

You’ll find all this information and more in my UK & Irish Poetry Magazines spreadsheet, updated quarterly, with interim reminders of windows that are closing. There are currently over 200 magazines listed.

I’m doing the work so you don’t have to. And it’s free. Sign up here and you can unsubscribe at any time.

What people say …

“Just wanted to say thank you! This year, I had the (admittedly modest) target of finding a home for a poem in a magazine new to me – and thanks to your excellent spreadsheets and reminders, I’ve succeeded. An invaluable service – I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t have come across Spelt without you ☺”  – Jane Pearn

“Brilliant, detailed and altruistically given information, Robin. Thank you for your work, care and time. Please keep these updates continuing!” – Stewart Francis

“Many thanks, yet again.  INVALUABLE.” – Kevin Maynard

“Deadlines whisk past and submission windows come and go.   Robin’s hard work encourages poets to get their work out there and to know where to try. Thanks, Robin, for opening up the possibilities ” – Pam Stocker

“Your list is a terrifically useful resource. I forward it to my mentees too.”    – Alex Josephy

“You really are a star to keep these reminders coming. Following your prompt I sent off poems and surprise surprise had five accepted, then two others, and have entered one competition – and all thanks to you. I may even pluck up courage to send out my pamphlet – Who knows, miracles do happen :)”  – Valerie Morton

“Wow, that’s quite the list you have there! And that’s quite a labour of love. Thanks for doing all that for the poetry community. We owe you one!”   – Richard Skinner

“Thank you once again for your brilliant list which I’m so grateful for – all that WORK in compiling it! I’ve had good luck with submissions, so thank you.”  – Cindy Botha 

“Thank you so much for this list – it is an invaluable service.”  – Kate Noakes

“Thank you so very much for sending this round. I find it hugely helpful, and really appreciate both the time it must take you to create and update it, and your generosity of spirit in doing this.”  – Alison Binney

“Thank you Robin for your helpful list. It’s always a good prompt to submit.” – Judith Wozniak

“Many thanks for your very useful-looking list.  I’m grateful that someone has found time to do and share this essential research.”   – Tony Watts

“Thank you Robin! Your list is so helpful.”  – Caroline Harris


Robin Houghton 2021