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Hollywood on Cancer

cut there before the puking starts
they didn’t like that in Boise
we need to make him more sympathetic
more welling up in the consultant’s room
She Just Needed A Month To Change His Life Forever!
could we give her a shorter time to live?
trust me nobody wants to see things dragging on
let’s go straight to the bald head
she can wear one of those headscarf/hat things
either teddy bears or bright colours
can we check the product list – maybe Nike?
You Can Create Miracles With Hope!
what the hell’s happening with the music here—
give me more surge, more fight, more agony—
let Justin know makeup have done a great job
but the scene with the drains is gross
we lost points on that in Vegas
It Takes A Pair To Beat The Odds …
no I don’t agree about the boyfriend
he needs to be taller remember he went to Brown
can we cut the dialogue about insurance
and the surgeon isn’t heroic enough
we need more about how his dad died
build up that scene at the cemetery
target is 76% WDR in Burbank on Thursday
Be There For The Joy, Be There For The Tears, Be There For Each Other
what the fuck’s going on with that vending machine
Pepsi should be on the top shelf
check that kid’s hours for a reshoot


Note: WDR (Would Definitely Recommend) is an acronym used in audience polls at movie theatre screenings

— in Prole 31 (Winter 2020)

Robin Houghton 2021