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The ups and downs of poetry submissions

Last week: issue 48 of The North failed to arrive, and when I asked for my ‘contributor’s copy’ I was told…erm… you’re not a contributor.

The poem they’d asked for back in July 2011 had gone astray, and never made it into the issue. Boo! And now the next issue isn’t until October. Boo! But at least they’ve offered to include it then. Yay!

Then yesterday I get an abrupt email telling me my subscription to The North has been cancelled. When I called to ask why, I was told my credit card needed updating. So they cancelled my subs. Did I want to renew? Uh, I don’t think so, as there’s only going to be one issue this year, in October, and for that I’m going to receive a contributor’s copy. I think.

And today: email from new webzine Antiphon saying thanks but no thanks – Boo!

An hour later, email from Mslexia saying my poem’s been selected for issue 53 in the ‘New Writing’ section – Yay!

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