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Olly packs em in at Lewes Poetry


Last night I nearly didn’t get a seat at the Lewes Arms for Oliver’s poetry night. Who were all those people? Where did they come from?

I hate to say it, but having a few posters out this time (as opposed to none last year, despite my begging Olly to send me one to copy and put up around town) made a big difference. AND the date was in the paper, together with forthcoming dates – amazing! We don’t need to read the horoscope any more to find out when they’re on. Nice one, Olly.

There was a very mixed bag of readings, thankfully none too long, as there were quite a few of us wanting to read. I really appreciate it when poets don’t grab more than their fair share of stage-time.

The limerick competition threw up some great entries, although for some reason the better ones got binned early on, much to the annoyance of one lady at the front who got more and more vociferous and I thought she was actually going to start a fight. And we had some loud moaning about ‘having to write a limerick’ from one person who didn’t seem to want to enter into the spirit of it. Ho hum. And no, I didn’t win this time!

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