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More new reading material, and some happy happenings

Some classic internet-enabled moments this week.

Firstly, my post about having received a free copy of Poetry magazine was picked up by Steven Critelli who alerted Don Share, senior editor of that venerable publication, who promptly lived up to his name and tweeted it …

don share tweet

Then one of the other participants going to the Ty Newydd course in October (Zoe Fiander) found this blog and left an introductory note for me, which was very nice.

And finally, not really serendipitous but a treat all the same, when Inpress ran out of ‘How to pour madness into a teacup’ (by the excellent Abegail Morley) and couldn’t fulfil my order, they (and the publisher Cinnamon Press) offered me another book from their list, by way of an apology. So, I got Abegail’s book from elsewhere and am also the proud owner of A Handful of Water, a new collection by Rebecca Gethin. So plenty of new reading material to look forward to!

today's postbag

Speaking of new material, The Rialto has also just dropped through my letterbox.

So I’m hoping all this high quality poetry nutrition will pay off soon in the form of some decent poems of my own.

But for now I’ll leave you with an extract from William Logan’s poem The Nude that Stays Nude in Poetry magazine, consisting basically of a whole list of new ‘don’ts’ for poets – one of which is

Don’t think what you have to say is important. The way you say it is important. What you have to say is rubbish.

This itself is a line a poem, so one has to take it with an ironic postmodern pinch of salt. Or not. You decide!

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