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Dyson vs poets

Old vacuum cleaner

Old vacuum cleaner

This morning I enjoyed this response to James Dyson’s dismissal of poetry

Here’s the article in Saturday’s Independent that inspired it.

‘What’s the use of poetry’ seems to be a classic left-brain-dominant response to something it can’t hope to understand. I wish people would give their right brains a little more leeway.


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  • Josephine Corcoran

    Thanks for highlighting this, Robin. It has badly affected my relationship with the Dyson vacuum cleaner residing in our understairs cupboard. But I ADORE Simon Armitage’s response!

  • Robin Houghton

    Ha ha! Agreed about Simon Armitage’s reply, although one would expect some witty retorts from the wordsmiths. I have to admit I can’t see why Dysons are supposed to be so great, we have one but it’s too heavy for me to carry up and down stairs (we have a lot). I suppose this is the cue for some dreadful punning about how Dysons ‘suck’, but not in a good way, etc etc but I won’t go there.

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