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Submissions ups and downs this week




  • Joanna Grigg

    Thanks Robin for an interesting post. Nothing happening this end yet… I sent lots out all at once so maybe I’ll have a Christmas postbag, or new year one…. That gives me plenty of time to be working on the next round. Jo

  • Robin Houghton

    Ah yes, the Christmas postbag – actually I think that is sometimes a time when editors have a chance to catch up on reading submissions. I’ve often had responses arriving between Xmas and New Year. Fingers crossed 🙂

  • lynne hjelmgaard

    Fantastic Robin- about Poetry News and Iota- enjoyed your video- sent you an email- can’t make next Saturday.

    • Robin Houghton

      Thank you Lynne! Sorry you can’t make the workshop but see you soon anyhow 🙂

  • joannagrigg

    I’ve just seen your wonderful poem ‘Geography Lesson’ in The North.
    .’..wide rivers/
    where boys stare from the opposite bank.’
    Love it.

    • Robin Houghton

      Hi Jo – thank you. I seem to remember workshopping it either at yours, or at a Stanza meeting, so kudos to everyone who gave me feedback. One thing I didn’t change was the title though 🙂

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