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Hurrah! Poem finds des res

As a poet friend once said to me, it’s always lovely when a poem finds a home. It’s true – it gives you permission to stop worrying about them, messing with them and trying to make them something they’re not. And if they really luck out then they land up somewhere de-LUXE. Like The Rialto.

The thin-looking SAE on the mat wasn’t promising. As I ripped it open I was already saying to myself ‘OK where shall I send these next?’ But lo, only two of the three poems fell out. Michael Mackmin wants one for issue 78. Joyous! Thank you thank you! It’s always worth the 6 month wait when The Rialto gives you a yay.

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  1. Kathy Greethurst Kathy Greethurst

    Fantastic news. Congratulations. Your persistence paid off. Kathy x

  2. Congratulations, Robin 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading this one!

  3. Massive congrats on getting accepted into the Rialto Club! Alas, I’m not yet a member, but I am waiting for a reply to some poems I submitted to them in May. Here’s hoping.

    • Aw, thanks Tom and best of luck. I submitted mine in March so that gives you an idea where he’s up to 🙂

  4. jaynestanton jaynestanton

    Hearty congratulations, Robin! 🙂
    An acceptance from The Rialto is ‘up there’ on my wish list!

  5. Congratulations! I got a (nice) rejection not so long ago. x

  6. Thanks Sophie! And I see you recently had a yes from Acumen – that’s one I’ve never cracked 🙂

    • Yes, funny how it happens, isn’t it! I had a provisional yes from Magma today actually (not wanting to rub it in, just a thank you really as I probably wouldn’t have submitted had I not read your post). 🙂

      • Aha! Well done you! Glad my post was a useful prompt. I look forward to reading your poem in Magma 🙂

  7. Jay Jay

    OMGA! I toast you a large glass of wine! Yay Rialto 🙂

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