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Seamus Heaney. Just my 2p-worth

What a very sad loss. I think I’d be useless as an obituary writer, as anything I’ve tried writing about the death of Seamus Heaney just sounds crass or obvious. I don’t have anything new to add to what’s been said across the blogosphere, but I enjoyed listening to this short piece on Radio 4 ‘Last Word’, flagged up on Facebook by Josephine Corcoran (thank you).

I thought I would just read here one of my favourite of his poems,ย ‘Postscript’, from The Spirit Level (Faber, 1996).

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  1. well read, Josephine. Love those last lines

      • Hi Robin, I came here through Josephine’s blog & got my wires crossed that day!

  2. Lovely reading of a wonderful poem that means so much to so many. Thank you.

  3. Postscript is one of my favourites. I was so sad about the news.

  4. Really beautiful hearing you read, Robin. It’s amazing how you hear different things each time a different voice reads the words. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. Thank you Josephine. I think it’s one of the pleasures of poetry that you’re kind of ‘allowed’ to read it in your own voice, which is all we can do anyway, even if in our head. Or is the poet’s own voice more authentic? Hmm…

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