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Poetry bombing

Came across this – Poetry Bombing – sewing poems into charity shop clothes – how much fun is that??

Except I think I’d be spotted in a jiffy in our small, local St Peter & St James Hospice charity shop, plus you’d need super-quick sewing skills. Knowing my luck I’d be fumbling about looking for my reading glasses then drop the needle as someone elbowed past me to the paperbacks.

But it got me thinking – you don’t need to sew a poem (as in, with a needle) when you can sow one (geddit?) on other ‘stony’ ground – for example, little pieces of paper can be slipped into books in bookshops or libraries, or magazines, and no doubt you can think of lots of other targets, retail or otherwise. (Although it reminds of the plot of a rather rude book by Nicolson Baker, where the main character slips erotic messages into unlikely books and then lurks to watch how some unsuspecting victim is affected by them.)

OK perhaps it’s not a new idea, but I’ve never come across a ‘guerilla’ poem, and I’d love to! Have you?

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