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Pamphlet launch night

Launch of poetry pamphlets at Printers Playhouse Eastbourne

Stephen Bone and I had a blast last Thursday launching our pamphlets in Eastbourne, at the brilliant Printers Playhouse. The audience was a sea of fantastic poet friends, non-poet friends and supportive other-halves… we had excellent guest readings from our good friends Sarah Barnsley and Antony Mair, and what else can I say except massive thankyous to everyone who came, read, listened and bought.

If you couldn’t make it but would like to buy a signed copy of All the Relevant Gods, you can do so through this link – please just put your name and address in the ‘note to seller’ – and thank you!

Antony Mair at the launch of All the Relevant Gods

Antony Mair

Sarah Barnsley at the launch of All the Relevant Gods

Sarah Barnsley

Stephen Bone at the launch of Plainsong

Stephen Bone reads from his new pamphlet ‘Plainsong’ from Indigo Dreams


Robin Houghton at the launch of All the Relevant Gods

I think I was having a bit too much fun at this point!



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