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Autumn cold

I’m fighting with a cold at the moment, stuffed up sinuses, the lot. Having spent 14 hours in bed I thought I ought to get up and do some more prep for a blogging workshop I’m due to lead tomorrow. That was 5 hours ago – I got a bit waylaid on poetry. Magma have a competition on at the moment with a short poems category, so I’m working on two shorties. I’m pretty ambivalent about poetry comps – entering one seems a little like blogging – you’ve no idea if ANYONE is going to like it, see it or even read it (do the judges really read all 5,000 or whatever entries?) so you just have to do it for your own satisfaction. Or live in hope. Sometimes I look at the winning entries in past comps and I can’t always see why they won. (But then again, I didn’t read the other 4,985.)

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