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Look what I found! Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Writer’s Diary’

Virginia Woolf A Writer's Diary

… Fourth Impression (1965) with a foreword by Leonard Woolf. Hogarth Press! Original dust jacket bearing Vanessa Bell’s design!

I found it at Much Ado Books in Alfriston, well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area. It’s housed in a range of quirky buildings set back off the road in its own front garden. I did find the plethora of notices rather off-putting  (a number of which suggest one is guilty until proven innocent – PLEASE LEAVE LARGE BAGS AT THE COUNTER BEFORE GOING UPSTAIRS, PLEASE RESPECT OUR GARDEN etc) but I can only suppose this quiet, well-do-do village must have its fair share of book shop-lifters and vandals. What a shame.

much ado books alfriston

Anyway, I look forward to sharing extracts and thoughts on Woolf’s reading and writing process with you here from time to time.




  • Claire Booker

    Lucky you, Robin! It’s a gem of a book shop. They have lovely hens too. Cx

    • Robin Houghton

      Yes, I couldn’t see the hens in the coop, perhaps they were out in the garden somewhere…

  • Peter Raynard

    Serendipity is sitting in the doctors waiting room reading Wolf’s said diary, then checking my email and reading your email

    • Robin Houghton

      That’s a truly amazing coincidence, Peter! Hope you’re enjoying it. I’m finding it a cracking read so far, very insightful and reassuring in many ways. I’ve never found her writing very accessible but I really like her candour in this diary.

  • Judith Shaw

    I love that bookshop, Robin. I once went when they had a huge number of second hand poetry books from clearing out someone’s house – such richness!

    • Robin Houghton

      Hi Judith, yes it’s a one-off isn’t it? I once had a similar experience at Eastbourne library where the little shop had a whole shelf of poetry books clearly donated by someone (some were signed… I think I recognised the former owner from the dedications!!)

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