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In the summertime when the weather is fine…

July seemed to pass in a soggy blur

How’s your summer going? As I recall, I went to several concerts last month, as well as a dress rehearsal at Glyndebourne, doncha know, although we couldn’t stay till the final act as Nick had a rehearsal to play for and we only have the one car. Plus, as there was a train strike that day he had to drive me several miles in the opposite direction so I could pick up a bus to get me home, then motor back to Lewes for his rehearsal. Actually train strikes and go-slows have made for a miserable month, almost as much as the weather. A day out in London ended with a four and a half hour journey back via Blackfriars, South Norwood, Balham, London Bridge, Gatwick, Lewes and Seaford, in that order (train, train, tube, train, train, train and bus). Joyous! And in other news, I finally heard back from a magazine after a 13 month wait. It was a no, in case you’re wondering.

Enough of all this negativity!

On the good news front, I finally sent out another collection submission to a publisher. Well, it might be bad news of course, but good that I sent it at least.

Also, Beth Miller critiqued my book submission letter and synopsis and asked some very difficult questions, which has led to me doing some serious re-writes. But I’m still aiming to start submitting it to agents in September. Meanwhile I’ve started plotting the next book.

Peter and I had our Planet Poetry AGM today, and we’ve lots of ideas for our fourth season which begins in October, plus, while we’re in the close season we’re going to showcase a few of our favourite archive episodes.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to a wee trip to London to see & hear Voces8 in a prom, not to mention a whole week away next month in Wales, plus a family get-together. And although it hasn’t been the best year for gardening, we have a bumper crop of tomatoes and even a few beans. Happy days!

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  1. Great that you’ve sent off. collection submission – keeping my fingers crossed for you

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