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‘Poem a day’ update, 40 days in

It’s two weeks since my last ‘poem a day’ update, and I must confess I feel like I’ve run out of steam. The last week or so has been particularly dispiriting. But I’ll keep trying up until Easter. I should have 40 poems by now, but I’ve fallen a bit short of that. I suppose there’s still a chance I might have another half a dozen before the deadline.

Although I said I wouldn’t put myself under any pressure to rework poems or send any off, I have found myself doing a bit of that on days when new material just wasn’t forthcoming.

So here’s the tally so far:

25 complete

3 started

1 in plan form only

Of the 25 first drafts, I’ve worked up 5 and was pleased enough with them to send them out. So plenty of other material still to play with.

I think it’s been a really good discipline for me. After Easter although I will try to write something each day I won’t get despondent if I don’t manage it, and I’ll allow myself to work on existing poems even if I haven’t written anything new that day.

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  1. Hey, are you not being very hard on yourself. Be proud of what you’ve achieved and enjoy it. I don’t think many of us meet the targets we set ourselves but it’s important to recognise the progress as well as what you may perceive as the shortcomings.

    Look forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks – I am pleased with what I’ve managed, definitely, I’m sorry if that didn’t come across in the post!

  3. I think it’s amazing! Well done! I’m going to do NaPoWriMo but I am going to allow myself to work on poems I’ve already started, I know that I won’t be able to start a new poem every day.

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