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Two new poetry collections I’m enjoying

Look what arrived for me while I was away on a yoga-vegan-retreat in Spain (yup! That’s where I took this photo!) – Snow, the new pamphlet by Peter Kenny (poems) and Palo Almond (art) from Hedgehog Press. It’s a little A6-sized gem, with beautiful endpapers. Just four perfect little tankas accompanying Almond’s dreamy watercolours. Snow is number 6 in Hedgehog’s ‘Little Black Book’ series, and it’s official release date is 22nd May. Peter is of course my Planet Poetry podcast co-host so OK I’m a tad biased but hey, he’s not just a podcaster but a poet, whose work deserves to be more widely known.

Another new release is Rory Waterman’s fourth collection, Come Here to This Gate, published by Carcanet. So far I’ve read the first section, ‘All but forgotten’, a sequence which charts the poet’s relationship with his father in his last year of life. It’s left a big impression on me already, and there’s plenty more in the book to savour. Here’s a video of Rory talking about the collection.

I’ve been neck-deep recently in moving my various websites to a different hosting service, a process that is fraught with potential cock-ups. So if you spot anything weird about this site, or my email, or the sign up for my poetry magazines spreadsheet, please let me know. Speaking of which, I’m currently cooking up some extras to offer on my BuyMeACoffee page. More on that coming soon.

Now, why is so cold? Anyone know?





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