New: how-to guide to submitting to UK poetry magazines, plus new collaborations

New book! With the UK poetry magazines submissions windows spreadsheet becoming so popular, I’ve decided to take it step further: a how-to booklet – everything you need to know about submitting to UK poetry mags – well, pretty much everything apart from how to write stunning poems – ha ha! I […]

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Some magazines open for submissions plus a couple of interesting finds

Here are a couple of useful blogs and resources I’ve recently come across – hope you like them too. First of all, Christine Murray’s Poethead is a blog devoted to ‘increasing the profile of women writers and editors.’ But the content seems a lot broader than that, for example I particularly […]

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Are anonymous submissions a good thing?

I came across this article recently, in Anon magazine, setting out the opinions of three writers as to whether anonymous submissions to magazines were a good idea. I rather like Kathleen Jamie‘s conclusion, that actually by creating a so-called ‘level playing field’ for all poets, regardless of reputation, a magazine […]

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