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View from the top

Tee Dobinson & Robin Houghton at the Gherkin

Yesterday I had the pleasure of re-connecting with a former colleague and friend from my Nike days. I recruited Tee Dobinson as a Nike Fitness Athlete in around 1993, one of a team of 6 or so top fitness instructors/presenters to be ambassadors for the brand. We had a lot of fun and a few adventures!

If anyone embodies the ‘just do it’ Nike attitude then it’s Tee – she’s one of the most tenacious, determined and hard working people I know, but with a warmth and generosity not usually associated with ambition. She’s achieved so much it’s frightening! One of the many hats she now wears is that of the ‘Gherkin Guru’ – she’s the London Gherkin’s resident expert, on hand to intrigue and entertain visitors with her encyclopaedic knowledge of the building. So of course we met at the Gherkin, in the club on the 38th floor. The photo was taken on the top floor, the 39th, where the views over London are fantastic.

What is it about views from tall buildings? And London especially – I find all the little churches tucked in between huge office blocks very poignant, the glimpses of grey river snaking in and out, and after dark the winding roads of red tail-lights (“like jewellery!” said Tee) are just beautiful.

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  1. Lovely images Robin, it makes me want to travel to the 39th floor.

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